NOVO (Latin): to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.

"Nobody has the level of care and expertise of NOVO."

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New Construction
Along with Icynene® spray foam insulation, NOVO insulation provides whole house insulation services including but not limited to: fiberglass batt insulation for interior and exterior framed walls, as well as, polyurethane rigid board insulation and Fifoil vapor barrier insulation.

Retrofit/Existing Home
NOVO insulation removes the existing fiberglass or cellulose in your attic and applies Icynene® spray foam insulation on the underside of your roof deck. This creates a healthier, quieter, more energy efficient home by sealing out the air that infiltrates your home through the attic.

Commercial Building
With Icynene spray foam insulation you can have a more comfortable manufacturing or storage building environment, while maximizing the usable square footage of your facility. NOVO achieves this using Icynene® closed cell foam which provides maximum R-value with minimal thickness. R7 per inch vs. R3.7 per inch for traditional fiberglass insulation.

Feeling like your existing insulation is not performing as well as it should? Have NOVO Insulation inspect it using the Retrotec® blower door test and Flir® thermal imaging cameras. With these tools, even the smallest voids can be found preventing future mold growth and damage to your homes structure.

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